(25 October 2019, Phuket) With the dry season finally upon us, we are speeding up the construction of the Grand Himalai Oceanfront Residences project. We have increased the manpower at the construction site to take advantage of the weather the best we can. Although we may experience a few showers during the day, we believe it will not massively impact our work.

Our employees on-site are working in full swing to complete the structural work of the buildings. With all the required materials swiftly delivered last week, we expect to raise at least 10 buildings by the end of this month. While preparing for the construction of the new buildings, we will continue the structural work of the buildings that have already been raised.

The construction process of this project has been closely supervised and our highly qualified team of engineers and architects to ensure that progress is continually made and milestones are punctually met. We are delighted to announce that the project has been going smoothly and our clients are confident that they will get the highest quality work possible.

The floor slabs on other floors are underway.

The front area of the site is being used to prepare materials for the construction of the new buildings, which will begin at the end of October.

A new tower crane was installed last week to transfer materials from the lower zone to the upper zone.

There were massive granite blocks in several parts of the land that affected the construction process and caused delays. We have successfully removed the granite block that was sitting in the upper zone and will begin construction in the area at the end of this month.

The granite block in the upper zone was successfully removed.

In the next update, we will report the progress building by building.

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