Project in Brief

– Several more buildings are currently in the construction process. The substructure is now complete for all of them (footing and step beams) and the superstructure is ongoing (beams, columns, slab floor, and so on, up to the roofs).
– Mock-up room: This will allow the team to achieve the same view for the whole project regarding the construction and decoration. The designers are leading this project and we are overseeing it to keep it in line with the Ramada standard. Completion is scheduled for the end of December.

Several Hundred Construction Workers Are Onsite

Starting More Buildings

We have finished the superstructure in selected buildings. Due to the obstruction to the other buildings in the high zone, we need to postpone the construction of structure in the lower zone. Earlier this month, we began structural work for several more buildings. We have meticulously planned this over the past two months, during which we held meetings and prepared a full set of construction drawings to survey the height level for each building to ensure that the units will have the exact views we advertised. This month we can see the overall progress of the land clearance, excavation and some areas for which all footings, foundation and supporting walls are complete and we are starting to see several more buildings coming up across the site.

An Excavator Clearing the Land

Lower Zone Workstations Where Materials are Prepared and Stored

Rock Work
We found some rock in the target area, so some of these buildings will have a slightly staggered construction process. On the plus side, we can use the rock as the part of the footing to give the buildings a stronger foundation.

Workers Drilling into the Rock to Attach the Footing

We are Working Day and Night to Complete this Project

Cooperation and Communication with Neighbours
The high season began in Phuket last month with visitors starting to visit the island in greater numbers. In particular, the long holiday in December and January sees many hotels fully booked. Grand Himalai maintains a good relationship with both of our neighbours, the Plantation and Hyatt. Therefore, this month, we held a meeting with the management team of the 2 projects to discuss our current and ongoing construction plan. We discussed our set onsite construction working hours as 8.00 to 17.00, with overtime between 17.00 and 19.00 without noise disturbance and a day off on Sunday.

Meeting with the Neighbours


To ensure a timely completion, we’re currently working overtime to make up the time we won’t be able to work on site over the holiday period; from 24th December to the 5th January.

Our Construction Team is Working Overtime in the Evening of Almost Every Day

Pictorial Updates:

Substructure Completion, Ready for the 1st-Floor Concrete Slab

Land Has Been Cleared Pending Concrete for Form Work

Land Clearance Pending Concrete for Form Work

Land Has Been Cleared and Some Further Footings Are in Progress

The 1st-Floor Slab Complete and the Roof Floor for this 4-Story Building is Set for Completion by the End of December

Footing Work Progress (Right) Compared with 2 Weeks Ago (Left)

These 2 Buildings are Progressing Well with Work Continuing on the 2nd-Floor Slab

Work is Continuing on Step Beams for Another Floor (the Images Show the Structure 2 Weeks Ago and This Week)

These 2 Buildings Are Obstructed by Rock

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