With the wet season being on and off so far where we have faced magnanimous issues is in the clearing the rock for the road ways, broad walks and steps, which make it possible to get to each block.

The rock breaking has been nonstop working from 7:30 – 5:30pm each day except for Sunday’s as this is the agreement we have with our neighbours either side of us. We have been using machinery with sold steel tips (peckers) drilling and chemical injection which has been used to clear most areas and has been relentless as any one passing or close by will know…!!!

As well as that we have encountered a super-sized rock which causes obstruction and the granite is so strong it takes a team of which has been up to 20 strong using hydraulic drilling to remove the hardened rock which come of in slithers and the team has taken so far 3 months and ongoing to remove

Besides all the rock breaking there has been unit Blocks being constructed to the left and right of the project with the structural works ongoing

agree it’s taking longer than expected as we obviously know building on hillside has no comparison to building on flat land but we never endeavoured we would encounter so many rocks and when we started removing the trees and top soil that the layers underneath especially to some other areas that the soil would be so soft very much like sand this is why it’s taken longer than expected and it the upper areas of the project we can’t access to continue works as the soil could cause to slide that’s why we have built retaining walls

For the structural works is still our main concentration

We are constantly working to do the best and we work for the long term benefit of the project to guarantee what’s best.

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