Project in Brief

Construction holiday: As requested by neighboring resorts, construction will be postponed during the holiday period from 25th December 2019 until 5th January 2020. We have been working overtime to make up for this time and to ensure that the project will be completed on schedule.
Mockup unit: The mockup unit now almost ready for clients and every item displayed there will be used in other units in the project.

Middle-Zone Construction Update
The overall super-structure for the buildings at the Hyatt Hotel side are 85% complete. In the middle zone, the footings for these buildings were started last month and the tie beam columns are in progress.

Construction Site View from Below and Above

The Lower Zone Remains the Current Workstation where the Materials are Stored and Prepared

Mockup Unit
The mockup unit will be soon ready to show to clients.

Progression of the Mockup Unit

Progress and Preparation of the Mockup Unit

Plan for Next Month
We will construct various new buildings on the plantation side after the New Year holidays.

Picture updates:

Footings for the New Buildings in Progress

Progress of New Footings and Columns

Completed Footings and Progression of Form Work for Tie Beams

Footing Progress and Column Construction

3rd Floor Slab Completion

Completion of Footing and Progression of Column Work

Completion of Super-Structure

Step Beam Work

Progression of Removal of Obstructive Rock

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