Under construction and complete: There are now many new buildings under construction and many for which foundations are complete. Now, we are working on the tie beams for these.

The wall work: Several buildings now have a completed superstructure and wall installation has now begun for them.

The project soil protection: Soil protection measures are being put in place for the steep area, to ensure safety.

The superstructure for several buildings is complete and wall installation has started.

Construction Site View from Below on 20th February 2020

A New Workshop in the Lower Area Due to Additional Work Requirements


Several buildings with a completed superstructure are now in the next stage of construction; wall installation for guest rooms. For this project, after the consideration of cost, time, and quality, we have chosen QCON wall material for the whole project, rather than use traditional brick, which is time-consuming. QCON wall panels are lightweight, steel reinforced, groove & tongue panels that can be easily installed and are suitable for use as both external and internal walls .

QCON Wall Panel Showing the Reinforced Steel Bar Inside the Panel

The Wall Panels Have Been Delivered Onsite and are Ready for Installation

(Above) The Project Architecture Team Check the Accuracy of the Lines Before Beginning Wall Installation

Workers Doing the Wall Installation

Workers Doing the Wall Installation


(Above) The Steep Upper Zone

The Grand Himalai project is partly constructed on high ground, which poses challenges with regard to soil safety and the possibility of landslides. A few months ago, we prepared this area by clearing and surveying the land. Later, we found that soil protection measures would be necessary to prevent movement during the rainy season.

Our soil specialist suggested soil nails and shotcrete as suitable soil protection solutions, which have worked well for another of our projects with the same soil conditions.

1.1.  Construction of “soil nails”:  The soil specialist will place steel “nails” in the targeted area, and then inject cement into the tubes to protect the soil inside and keep it together.

(Above) A Diagram Showing the Soil Nail Method

1.2 “Shotcrete” application: In the same area, the surface will be sprayed with cement and covered with a wire mesh to protect the soil surface.

(Above) A Sample Picture of Soil Nail Work and Shotcrete Onsite Showing How the Area Will Look After the Soil Nails and Shotcrete Are in Place

1.3. Regular testing: After the completion of soil nail and shotcrete work, tests will focus on checking the movement of soil nails. The specialist will send the test results to the project, to keep us informed.

This measurement of soil protection must be done as soon as possible before the rainy season begins. We will provide a progress update once this work has started.

(Above) A Map Showing the Upper Area

Rock Obstruction

Rock work is challenging for this project due to the number of boulders found during excavation. Recently we found new rock in two locations that must be cleared before we can begin foundation construction.

(Above) Rock Obstructing the Construction Area

(Above) Large Boulders Must be Cut Into

(Above) Rock Extraction Must be Performed Before the Construction of Foundations Begins

Pictorial Updates

The First Floor Slabs Have Been Completed for Several Buildings and Column Work Continues

This Building is Having Level 3 Bracing Beams Installed

The First Floor Slab for this Building is Complete and Column Work Continues

The Level 2 Bracing Beam Has Been Finished for this Building, with More Bracing Beams to Come Before the First Floor Slab is Installed

The Foundations for this Building Were Finished Last Month and We Are Now Working on the Columns to Support the Level 2 Bracing Beams

Level 1 Bracing Beams Have Been Completed for this Building and the Column Work Continues

The 2nd Floor Slab is Now Complete for this Building and the 3rd Floor Slab is in Progress

As with the Previous Buildings, the Pictures Show the Continuing Progress for this Building, from Foundations to Completion of the First Level Bracing Beams

The Level 3 Column Bracing Beam has been Completed for this Building and Now the Scaffold is Being Installed for the Level 4 Bracing Beam

This Building’s Progress was Slightly Delayed Due to Rock Obstructing its Foundations and it is Now Showing Good Progress with the Level 2 Floor Slab Complete

The Foundations for These Buildings Are Currently Under Construction

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