Foundation work done: Several buildings now have completed foundations and tie beam work continues.

The upper area: A lot of rock was encountered in the upper zone area, which obstructed the construction of the buildings. The contractors have now cleared this hard rock and are now all set to complete the foundations.

The structures of several buildings is now complete and the wall work will start next.

View of the Construction Site from Below and Above to Show the Progress Compared with Last Month

The Busy Workshop Located in the Lower Area


Although the Christmas and New Year holiday period saw a slowdown in the construc-tion work due to minimizing disturbance to neighboring hotel guests, previous overtime ensured that the construction will be completed according to schedule. Additionally, work carried out in the workshop continued over the holiday period, such as steel work and cement molding for the precast beams. During this time, contractors manufactured the precast beams in the workshop, so that once construction continued after the holi-day, the precast beams could be easily installed and connected to the columns, making progress faster than with the usual method.

Precast Beams Were Prepared in the Workshop and then Installed to the Columns


We have begun new buildings on the Plantation Side (on the left side of the project) and some footings have already been started for these. Foundations for these new buildings will continue next, followed by the super structure, and then the wall work.


The Footings for Several Buildings are Now Finished, and Precast Beams are Being Installed

View of the Construction Site from Below and Above to Show the Progress Compared with Last Month

Completed Footing and Continuation of Columns and Tie Beams

Building with Completed 4th-Floor Slab Ready for Wall Work

Building with Completed Footing Ready for 1st-Floor Slab

Buildings with Completed Super Structure Ready for Wall Work

Building with 1st-Floor Slab in Progress

Several Buildings that Were Obstructed by Hard Rock Now Have Completed Footings with the Rest in Progress

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