Project in Brief

  • Buildings under construction: There are various buildings under construction, several of which have ongoing structural work, including additional tie beams (bracing beams). The super structure for some buildings is now complete and, for these, wall installation is underway. One building is on hold because it poses an obstruction to other buildings and two buildings are awaiting soil protection measures.
  • Active construction projects:
    Structural work
    Wall work
    New buildings
  • New temporary road works: The road work was started in late July and is progressing from the right to the left side of the project.


The construction of many new buildings started in late July. Right now, the land has been prepared, cleared, and excavated, ready for construction. We will provide an update regarding the construction progress in the next report.

(Above) Excavation in the Lower Area

The road work started at the end of July. We planned to move the direction from the right side of the project to the left. The purpose of this is to reach the new building on the left side and allow the project an increased land area from the old road, which obstructs the new construction area.

(Above) Excavation for the Road Work


One area had a great deal of rock, which has now been removed and footings are in place. Bracing beams and column work are now in progress.

Excavation in the Rocky Area

(Above) Workers Remove the Wooden Mold from the Concrete Bracing Beams

(Above, Left) Preparation of Form Mold for Bracing Beams

(Above, Right) Preparation for the Installation of Steel Bars for the Bracing Beam Structure, Prior to the Pouring of Concrete

On our last update, this building showed good progress with the footing and the first level of bracing beams complete. The column work has been steadily continuing.

(Above, Left) Our Engineer Inspects the Bracing Beams Before Continuation of the Column Work

(Above, Right) Pouring the Concrete into the Column Mold

(Above) Completion of the Column Work

Further buildings now have completed floor work and roof slabs. Progress continues on the staircase and lift structures.

(Above) The Progress of Two Buildings

(Above) Workers Installing the Staircase Structural Form Work

(Above) These Two Buildings Have a Shared Lift, for Which Workers Install the Reinforced Steel

For the building below, the concrete for the first floor slab column has now dried. Thus, we continued with the second floor slab, which is now complete.

(Above, Left) Workers Install the Form Work for the Second Floor Slab

(Above, Right) Installation of the Post-Tension Sling Prior to the Pouring of the Concrete

(Above) Before and After Completion of the Second Floor Slab

The third floor slab for the building below is now complete. We are now working on the third floor columns.

(Above) Pouring the Concrete for the Third Floor Slab and a View of the Whole Building After the Completion of the Third Floor Slab

(Above) Workers Install Reinforced Steel for the Column Structure

The main structure is now complete for the building below (bracing beams, floors and columns). Work continues on the interior structure, including the staircase and walls.

(Above) Installation of Reinforced Steel and the Post-Tension Sling for the Roof Surface, Closely Supervised by the Engineer

(Above) The Concrete is Poured for the Rooftop Floor Surface

(Above) The Concrete Drying and a View of the Whole Building from a Distance

For the building below, the wooden mold has been taken off the third level bracing beam and the column work is in progress.

For the building below, the third-level bracing beam columns are complete, and the workers will next install the scaffold to support the first floor slab.

For the buildings below, the second-level bracing beams are complete, and work has begun on the columns.

(Above) Column Work is in Progress with the Pouring of Concrete

The first floor slab and columns are complete for the building below, and work continues on the second floor slab.

(Above) Form Molds are Removed from the Columns, Once they are Dry

(Right) View of the Whole Building with the Scaffold and Plywood Installed Ready for the Next Floor Slab

Concrete is poured for the first-level bracing beams of the building below in late July.

We continue to install the walls of various buildings after the completion of the main structure.

(Above) Wall Installation for this Building is Complete

(Above) Workers Prepare the Area and Map Out the Floor for the Wall Installation

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