Under construction:  There are many buildings under construction, some of which have ongoing structural work. At the current time, additional tie beams (bracing beams) are being worked on for these buildings. The super structure is now complete for several buildings and wall installation has begun. One building is currently awaiting the completion of soil protection measures.

Wall work: Precast wall installation is in progress for several buildings.

The COVID-19 situation: The construction site has been ordered to temporarily halt construction due to government measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Situation

During this month the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Thailand has increased. In response to this situation, several provinces of Thailand, including Phuket, have implemented measures to contain the the outbreak. Right now, the island is in lockdown, all the restaurants are now offering takeaway/delivery only and some shopping malls have been ordered to close under the latest order issued by the Phuket Govenor.

As part of the COVID-19 emergency measures ordered by the Phuket governor and the Thai government, we are also forced to temporarily close our offices and have urged staff to work from home wherever possible, with some staff members on standby for urgent situations. We have also agreed to halt construction until further notice. We will, therefore, work overtime to complete construction once we are permitted to continue operations.

Wall Work

Wall installation has been progressing well for several buildings since the end of February and approximately 50% of this wall work is now complete. Once finished, we will continue with MEP work, such as the conduits, and electrical and communication system wiring.

Images Showing the Wall Work Progress

New Buildings

We have begun the construction of several new buildings this month, following the removal of hard rock, which was obstructing their progress. Foundation installation is now in progress for these new buildings.

Preparation for Concrete Pouring and Finished Foundations

Installation of Foundations and Continuation of Steel Reinforcements for the Lift Structure

Foundations for Buildings that Were Obstructed by Rock

Pictorial Updates

Completion of the Guest Room Floor Slab and Progress on the 2nd-Floor Columns

The MEP Engineering Team Inspects the MEP Work Prior to Concrete Pouring

Completion of Floor Slabs for 4 Levels and Concrete Pouring for the Roof Floor, Completing the Structural Work for this Building, Ready for Wall Work

Completion of Level 3 Bracing Beams and Columns Ready for the 1st Floor Slab for Guest Rooms

Completion of the 1st Floor Slab and Columns Ready for the 2nd Floor Slab and Installation of Shutter Board for the New Floor Slab Form Work

Completion of 3rd-Floor Column Work and Installation of the Scaffolding to Support the 4th-Floor Slab

Completion of Level 2 Bracing Beams and Columns and Installation of Scaffolding to Support the 3rd-Floor Bracing Beams

Completion of Level 2 Bracing Beams and Concrete Pouring for the Level 2 Column Work, Ready for the Next Level’s Bracing Beams

Completion of the 2nd Floor Slab, with Progress to Continue When the Tower Crane Height is Increased, so Crane Movement is Not Obstructed

Completion of Concrete Pouring for the 2nd-Level Bracing Beams and Columns

Completion of Level-3 Bracing Beams and Installation of the Scaffolding for the Level-4 Bracing Beams, Following this, the 1st Floor Slab for Guest Rooms Will be Installed Above this Level

1st-Level Floor Slab Work in Progress

Completion of the Footing and Level-1 Bracing Beams

Installation of the Scaffolding to Support the Level 1 Bracing Beams in Progress

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