Project in Brief:


Active Construction:

  • Foundation work in progress for several buildings.
  • Structural work in progress for various buildings.
  • Structure completed for most buildings. 
  • Wall panels are completed for various buildings.

(Above) An Overview of the Construction Area


We have completed most of the structural work for all the buildings except for the upper zone, which we will complete soon. We can now begin with structures for the lifts in the buildings, which are located outside and between the buildings, as well as continue with the wall panel installation that we began last month.


(Above) The columns after they have dried in their cast, ready for their floor slabs to be installed.


(Above) The columns continue to be installed after each level of flooring has been completed. 


(Above) The team pours the concrete into the molds for the columns.


(Above) The middle building gets another level of concrete floor slabs installed. The team also installs the shutter boards. 


(Above) The reinforced steel bar, post-tension sling MEP sleeves have all been installed.


(Above) The team installs the lift structure in the completed buildings. 


(Above) An outside view of the workers installing the lift structure. 


The wall installation keeps moving forward as we complete the main structures of the buildings. At the moment, we are working on the middle zone building and we have already completed half of the installations for this zone.


(Above) The workers seal the gaps between the walls after the panels have been installed.


(Above) The team is busy with the wall panel installation.


(Above) An outside view of the completed wall panel installation.


The team has been preparing the materials that we use for the structural work. They are preparing the steel bars at the base of the construction area and then they will transfer them to the required zone to be installed.


(Above) Our teams are busy preparing material at the workstation. (Right) Some materials had to be carried up by the team because the cranes couldn’t reach them.


(Above) The steel bars are being prepared in the lower zone before being delivered to the correct building for installation.

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