Project in Brief

  • Active Construction
  • Foundation work and structural work continue with various structures now complete.

Main Structure Completed

During this month, we have finished the main structure of various buildings. For these buildings, the main structure, including the foundations and bracing beams to the roof floor, are now complete. After completion of the main structure, we started the staircase structures. As you can see in this update, most of our buildings are currently undergoing work on the staircases.

Building 05

The roof floor is ready for the concrete pouring, with the installation of the post-tension sling and reinforced steel bars complete.

Work begins on the staircase structure as workers install the steel bars to form the stairs.

Buildings 18-19

The process of pouring concrete over the top of the formwork, with reinforcements and sling.

We began work on the staircase of the building.

Building 20

The roof floor for this building is finished and the stair work has begun.

The workers installed the reinforced steel for the stair structure, and then poured the concrete.

Building 25
Two weeks ago, after the main structure of this building was complete, the stair work began, and the 3rd floor staircase is now finished.

The concrete was poured from the nearby tower crane onto the staircase formwork.

Building 33
The main structure is now complete, and the concrete has been poured for the staircases.

The concrete was poured for the 2nd floor slab, and then the columns were installed to support the roof floor.

The formwork, MEP sleeves, and reinforced steel bars are prepared for the concrete pouring.

The staircase installation work begins from the lower floor.

Building 38

Since the last report, the work on this building has continued from the 2nd floor slab, then the columns were installed to support the roof floor.

(Left) the form work of the roof floor has been installed. (Middle) the roof floor is complete. (Right) work on the staircases begins.

Building 41-42

(Left) The roof floor was ready for the concrete pouring. (Middle) the whole building showing the completed main structure and (right) the stair work has begun on the lower floor.

Building 44

Building 51

The formwork for the roof floor ready for the concrete pouring.

(Left) the concrete being poured on the top of the roof floor. (Middle) the building with the completed main structure. (Right) the staircase structural work begins with the reinforced steel bar installation in the stair formwork.


Building D11

The concrete has been poured for the columns to support the 1st floor slab.

(Left) the formwork for the 1st floor slab has been installed. (Middle) the concrete has been poured into the formwork and is now dry. (Right) the column work to support the 2nd floor slab continues.

Building D24
All bracing beams for this building are complete and work continues with the concrete pouring for the 1st floor slab.

(Above) the workers install the reinforced steel bars and post-tension sling.

Building D26
The footing foundations and the 1st step of the bracing beams are complete for this building and work continues starting with the columns.

(Left) the completed footing. (Middle)installation of the scaffold to support the bracing beam. (Right) the 1st step of bracing beams is complete, and concrete is poured into the column formwork.

The footing work have been started for few buildings
Work has begun on an additional new building this month.

The engineer surveys the area before boundary lines are drawn for the building. Next, work begins on the footing of the building.

The footing is dry, and work continues with the 1st step of the bracing beam.

Building E50
The column work for this building is complete after the 1st step for the bracing beams. The formwork for the columns is installed before pouring the concrete.

We are currently working on plastering and painting the buildings for which the wall installation is complete.

Buildings B1 and C1

(Above) a view of the buildings from the exterior with the scaffold installed at the front of the buildings ready for the skim coat and paintwork.

(Above) the workers skim coating and painting the interior wall.

The scaffold is installed both on the interior and exterior of the buildings. We have started the skim coat for the exterior wall.

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